Digital Marketing

Social Media Management

Those includes management of different social media platform such as Facebook Management, Instagram Management and Twitter Management increasing client reach with target ads.

Google Adwords

Google Adwords Google Adwords it is an advertising services for Google where you choose how you want to reach your client. Those ads are in different formats Search Ads, Display Ads, Videos ads and App Ads. Our team are experts as their Google certified in digital marketing so that means the offer the best plans on how to manage and create ads so to maximum on the reaching a lot of customers. Get your Google Adwords now.

Search Ads

Search ads appear next to Google search results when potential clients are looking for products and services your business offer. The ad advertiser will only pay when potential customers click to visit your website or call your business.

Get more clients

Clients are lead to your website that is getting more sale and calls to your business.

Advertising locally or global

Your ads are targeted ads to customers in Botswana or even international countries.

Reaching your potential customers at the right time 

Your business will be found by potential customers as soon as the search for your products & services on Google.

The advertisement are affordable- No clicking No payment

The Ads are only paid when potential clients go to your ad or website.

Display Ads

Display advertising is just advertising using different digital channels meaning ads can be shown on websites, smartphones, mobile apps, games and social media messages. So those ads come in different format which are the following:

  • Text
  • Banner
  • Video
  • App
  • Images
  • Audio

Video Ads

Video ads are shown only to the potential clients you are targeting to watch and you only pay when they watch on YouTube.  So those cut wasting money in advertising to people that are not interested in what your business offer.

App Ads

Getting your App in front of the right users. App ads is a way of advertising your app on IOs and Android users on Google.

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